Should you update your website to HTTPS?

By Jack Kasle | Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Google plans to continue the push in 2018 to make the web a more secure place by encouraging all webmasters to make the switch to HTTPS. Instead of using HTTPS on only sensitive parts of your site, it is now recommended that your small business website just goes ahead and uses HTTPS on the entire website. If implemented correctly performance will not be affected in any way and it’s a great way ...

15 ideas for promoting your small business locally

By Jack Kasle | Saturday, August 26, 2017
“Have you already been to that awesome pizza place on the corner?” This is how a small local brand name quickly becomes a buzzword. Building a strong local presence breaks down to two stages: earning recognition and maintaining reputation. Those who can reach their customers effectively and gain their trust are likely to become local celebs. With this list of ideas, you can create a plan that  ...

11 tips for a successful start in social media

By Jack Kasle | Saturday, June 17, 2017
Getting started in social media may seem intimidating for any small business owner, but by keeping some simple tips in mind you’ll find that you can quickly and easily establish a powerful presence among the available social networks. Here are 11 tips to get you going: 1. Start Small: Don’t try to tackle all of the networks at once. Pick one and give it a go – but start with the network th ...

Getting the most out of your small business tweets

By Jack Kasle | Friday, January 06, 2017
Getting the most out of our Tweets can really improve your brand exposure, drive traffic to your website, and show that you are active and engaged with your customers and prospects. Here are just a few tips to help you get more out of our small business Tweets. How to Find Your Target Market Twitter isn’t as completely random in terms of who finds or follows who. There are a  ...

Don't fall for this SEO scam

By Jack Kasle | Friday, September 09, 2016
While there may be a sucker born every minute, there’s also a scamming SEO company born every minute. These companies pop up everywhere and usually end up emailing you or calling you on the phone. They look up domain registry information and contact people every day, and some of them are very good. Good at ripping you off that is. They all guarantee to get your website to the top of ...