Mobilegeddon - It's time for your website to go responsive

By Jack Kasle | Monday, April 20, 2015

With Google's latest big change in its search algorithm, "Mobilegeddon" is officially upon us. As of April 21, 2015, websites that don't work well on smartphones will start getting punished by Google's all-powerful search engine.

Small business websites that have not implemented a strategy for adapting their site and content for mobile devices will be ranked lower than competitors sites' that are optimized. This change is radical and will have impact on all mobile searches. Google will now promote "mobile-friendly" websites over none mobile-friendly sites for searches from a mobile device. Given how many Google searches are done from a mobile device, for your small businesses this change will have a big affect on your bottom line.

This is great news for mobile phone users and for small businesses that already have a responsive website.

How do you check if your site is mobile friendly?

In order to check if your sites meet the new requirements Google has created a Mobile-Friendly Test service where you can check your site for mobile-friendliness.

If your website passes, AWESOME, you should start to see increased activity from search. If it comes up failing what do you do then?

Well – I would suggest you contact and we can do a free assesment to see what it would take to make your site mobile friendly. You can learn more about responsive web design here and to get in touch with us --

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